Copywriting: Catalog Elements

College of the Mainland’s Lifelong Learning catalog contains a large amount of content. Departments who collect and supply that content focus primarily on the class content such titles, dates, prices and descriptions. However, the remaining areas require a proactive eye and content creation effort to bring the catalog together as a cohesive publication.

Throughout the triannually published catalogs, I have written various paragraphs, instructions and tag lines. A few examples include:

  • I created taglines for the college’s continuing education catalog which reads: “Love what you learn.™” for courses, and “Love what you experience.™” for travel options to promote excitement and engagement.

  • Marketing taglines written to draw interest to a specific class such as “Explore your inner craftsman” as a lead-in for the Introduction to Leather course advertised on the back cover of the catalog.

  • Inside the cover page it reads: “College of the Mainland’s Lifelong Learning classes provide amazing opportunities to explore your passions, learn something new, or even travel the globe. Love what you learn.™ Sign up today!”

  • For a Saltwater Fishing class promoted on the cover, the tagline I created read: “Deep Dive into Saltwater Fishing.”

  • On a back cover ad from a previous issue, showcasing plant propagation, the line read: “What will you learn this summer?”

Additionally, the following content below was originally provided in a Word doc for a travel section stating only dates and two sign-up options: a phone number and a sign up form. I worked to integrate introductory marketing content to add engagement with hierarchy and rewriting all portions with sublevel headers. The second content section, Pick a Sign-up option, was broken down into visual numbered options for clarity. Using my previous background experience writing instructional content at Underwriters Laboratories for global eLearning solutions, information was rewritten in an easy to understand format.

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