Brand Awareness Campaign: InterCOM Monthly Video Series

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College of the Mainland (COM) InterCOM video series launched October 2023.

College of the Mainland’s marketing team sought to develop an online monthly video series to promote positive success stories of the college to staff, students and the community. It would be called the InterCOM. It would need a brand identity, a motion graphics introduction and be set up as a flexible video template to house three segmented stories per month updated by other staff members. Time to create the template was very limited and 3D software was not available.

Working with the team, we researched the market and discussed parameters and goals. I envisioned a motion design piece that would reflect modern architectural cues of newly constructed campus buildings while maintaining an edgy appeal through things like shape, color and transition. I determined the intro animation would need to display the college logo, the InterCOM branding, three thumbnails of the stories featured, and other engagement imagery within the first four seconds of the piece. Utilizing a variation of campus drone footage, cropped architectural shots and vector elements, I combined them into quick overlaid arrangements. Each of the story segments were introduced with modern textures and numerals within a hexagon tied to the architectural shapes of lighting within the campus buildings. Within After Effects, placeholders were setup to include video footage and still photos for upcoming stories with music and sound design integrated throughout.

A pre-launch version of the InterCOM was released internally to staff a month in advance receiving very positive feedback. The official launch of the video occurred in October 2023 across social media, an internal email newsletter, a dedicated college website page and YouTube. The marketing team will continue promotional efforts to build its following through 2024 and beyond.

Research, design strategy, strategic planning, campaign brand identity, graphic design, After Effects motion design, video template creation, sound design, project management

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