B-52 cockpit illustration in pencil

B-52 cockpit drawing. Art awarded first place in the United States in FAA contest. Displayed in Paris, France. Title: Search and Rescue | Medium: Simple #2 Ticonderoga pencil

image drawn by a team of artists of a young girl sitting Indian-style listening to music with rainbow colored sound waves behind her at the Via Colori street painting festival 2014 Houston, TX

Via Colori Street Painting Festival, Downtown Houston, TX 2014 working with a team of artists. I did not come up with the design, but I specifically worked on the blue jeans, shoes, transparency of the dragon and helped with the colored rings. The piece was selected 2 years running for the cover of the Via Colori calendar. I participated again in 2015, 2016 and 2018. | Medium: Soap-based pastels

drawing of a large cloth draped over a wooden fold-out chair

Title: Cloth study | Medium: Conté crayon

The Dictionary

Title: The Dictionary | Medium: Simple #2 Ticonderoga pencil

Head of a tiger drawn in ink

Title: Predator | Medium: Felt tip ink

a houseplant sitting in a ladderback chair

Title: The houseplant | Medium: Charcoal

Red Onion Blossoms

Painted cherry blossom art piece using only vegetables as brushes. | Medium: Acrylic paint


Exploration of 2D character design. | Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Puppy jumping on trampoline next to giraffe at a tea party.

Inktober creative challenge: reveal of 3 unrelated words and sketch to combine in 20 minutes. Title: Puppy, Giraffe, Tea Party | Medium: Ball Point Pen

Zebras swinging and doing acrobatics on steel pipes.

Inktober creative challenge: reveal of 3 unrelated words and sketch to combine in 20 minutes. Title: Steel Pipe, Fifteen, Zebra | Medium: Ball Point Pen

Gringos Mexican Restaurant Patio

30 minute Inktober sketch. Title: The Patio | Medium: Ball Point Pen

A block of cheese is catching a sunflower in a parachute

Inktober creative challenge: reveal of 3 unrelated words and sketch to combine in 20 minutes. Title: Cheese, Sunflower, Parachute | Medium: Ball Point Pen

caricatures of 2 coworkers Mark and Vivienne

Many years ago I drew caricatures at Six Flags AstroWorld in Houston, TX. Since that time I have done caricatures for friends and family, retirees from NASA, the Lunar Rendevous Festival, and dozens upon dozens of coworkers. | Medium: Ink and Photoshop

NASA shuttle freezers personified into rabbits multiplying

Completed while working at NASA. Presented to and well-received by director of NASA JSC (George W.S. Abbey accompanied by Leonard S. Nicholson of Boeing) on the hunt for Russian freezers multiplying like rabbits. Title: Hunting the Gazillion Freezers | Medium: Ink pen

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