Branding: FTB (Flock the Block) Arena

Copyright 2024 College of the Mainland.

College of the Mainland (COM) FTB Arena event branding. Copyright 2024 College of the Mainland.

College of the Mainland’s, original community-based event, Flock the Block, was being planned for its 2nd annual edition. The goal: bigger and better including opportunities for visitors to learn more about the college.

The FTB (Flock the Block) Arena was a fun college info area designed with opportunities to win prizes. The FTB Arena branding was designed to have a polished basketball logo appearance evoking a sense of serious get your game-on engagement overlaid onto a funky background expressing a fun street vibe to spark interest.

The arena area was deemed a huge success determined by key performance indicators of turnout and participation.

Design strategy, brand identity, typography, event design and planning, graphic design and layout, signage, project management, vendor management

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